Monday, January 23, 2017

Inauguration Assignment - Women's March

CNN covers Women’s March internationally. Ranging from Australia to New Zealand to Nairobi to London to France. Positively covering the revolutionary Women’s March protest. 

BBC also covers positivity on the worldwide protests. Explaining not only women, but also men and children are participating. "Stand united, we will never be divided," was the message chanted by the crowd as people marched through central London. 

"Brexit is a concern. I hope we protect the rights the EU offers, such as employment rights and maternity. These issues need to be spoken about. When a nation is doing badly, women suffer.”

FOX news of course, begs to disagree to any positivity to the women’s march. In this article, it mentions a comment Madonna made that was taken completely out of context (mentioned something along the words of blowing up the white house) and making the march seem violent. Fox decided to focus on the inauguration rather than women’s march unlike most of the other news broadcasts.

@ajplus tweeted with a protesting sign that said white women elected Trump and attached tweets that mentioned feeling uncomfortable being a white female and their families being the reason Trump was elected as president.

@Nick_Offerman from Parks and Recreation tweeted a photo of himself at women’s march “I’m a nasty girl #WomensMarch"

@rmayemsinger tweeted “It's OFFICIAL #WomensMarchOnWashington is biggest inaugural protest in HISTORY. Sorry Mr. Trump, THIS is what a populist movement looks like.”

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