Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some Humor on Inauguration Day

The part of the inauguration that stood out to me the most was George W. Bush having a difficult time figuring out how to put on a rain poncho properly. On a day that so many Americans were scared of what was to come, Bush brought some light humor to the media. I love how quick people on social media grabbed the photos and started adding captions.
The original six most popular pictures that people started making into memes. Photo from Metro.uk

What really had me going back to my computer and searching on Google to see more of these memes was that I saw major news sources grabbing it and telling the story. I thought that NPR did a good job telling the story as they pulled other politicians and made fun of them as well. Who could forget Mitt Romney in 2012 making a comment about raingear to some NASCAR fans? Or how many people missed that Rick Perry struggled to blow a bubble as the rabbi spoke during the inauguration.

Another news source to grab this poncho mishap was Time. Though I did enjoy the memes they decided to share on their website, I felt like they could have had a little more. However, I did like how they included memes of Bush’s facial expressions from earlier in the day.

I was kind of surprised when I saw that even CBS ran a story about Bush’s struggles during Trump’s inauguration. They have a nice story to go along with it and some of the photos of Bush struggling with the poncho. But what struck me odd about this article is that even though CBS published the story about Bush’s struggles, they do not even mention how people were taking the photos and sharing them quickly. They didn’t even show all of the funny moments Bush had with the poncho. Instead, they added a large photo of Bill Clinton playing with balloons at the Democratic National Convention this summer. I get they were trying to show that this wasn’t the first time a former president was caught doing something funny but Clinton had already had his time of fame on the internet for that moment. 

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