Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Around the World

Trump Around the World
January 24, 2017
by Joshua Truksa

It is the first week of Trump’s presidency, and the headlines around the world range from neutral to foreboding. Some of the most worrisome originate from the United States’ neighbor to the north.
The Toronto Star is the largest newspaper in Canada. On Saturday, their front page article covering the inauguration began with-
“That clanking sound you hear is the United States pulling up the drawbridge, trying to wall itself off from the rest of the world.”
The Ottawa Citizen included the headline “A Sad Call to Make America Small,” and the Winnipeg Free Press labelled Trump’s inauguration speech as “dark and defiant.”
Across the pond, the Irish press appeared to be the most critical in the English-speaking world. Minced words were not on the menu of the country’s top three newspapers. The Irish Independent declared “America first: Trump’s new world order begins” and accused Trump of “[heralding] a new era of protectionism and isolationism.” The Irish Times said “Trump offers [a] fearful vision” as he “sticks to [his] dystopian theme,” and the Irish Examiner printed the headline “Dark rhetoric sets scene of ‘ravages and carnage.’”

Global Media on Alert
Social media around the world was also weary of the new Trump administration. The South African Broadcasting Corporation posted a poll on its Twitter feed asking “What does a Trump presidency mean for Africa?” Forty-three percent of 310 people voted “Is he aware of Africa?”

On their Facebook page, The Straits Times of Singapore posted the image of the front page of their printed Sunday edition- “Trump withdraws US from TPP deal on Day 1,” it reads.

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