Monday, January 23, 2017

Inauguration Assignment

Following the inauguration, one specific part of Trump's speech seemed to stick with viewers. How many people were actually in the crowd?? What I found interesting is the fact that both CNN and Fox News can agree on one thing: Trump clearly overstated how many people were in the crowd. The media covered the inauguration in different way, like how Huffington Post continuously compared Trump's inauguration to Obama's (exhibit A and exhibit B.) None of this really surprised me. I expected everything I saw from most news outlets. What really surprised me, and even scared me, was Trump and press secretary Sean Spicer, blatant disregard to tell the truth, even for something so insignificant.

Trump and Spicer lied about the size of the crowd when there are photographs, EVIDENCE, of the size of the crowd. Then Trump later blamed the media for falsely reporting the size of the crowd. A lie like that, one that is so clearly a lie, TERRIFIES me. If he can easily lie to Americans when the truth is in pictures, what else will Trump shamelessly lie about?

Following the election, Trump seemed to attack the media. That's when I realized the full scale of what is to come for journalists and people in mass communication. The lie is a ridiculous one, which raises the fear of how far he will go to lie. Journalists have to be willing to call him out and put him in his place.

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