Sunday, January 22, 2017

Inauguration assignment - Women's March

As I followed the coverage of the Women's March on Twitter, I was stunned to see just how widespread the support for the march in Washington was worldwide. Sister marches were held from Canada to South America to Australia with a total of 673 taking place this day. In comparing the coverage from this historical event, I decided to look at three university newspapers of vastly distant places: University of Toronto's The Varsity, University of London's London Student and University of New South Wales' Tharunka.

Here is an illustration showing the solidarity rallies of January 21. 

The Varsity had one tweet directing their followers to their news editor's account, Jenna Moon, who was covering the March on Washington. Moon wasn't unbiased in her coverage there, while the day before this was hinted at when she said, "ain't nobody got time for four years of bullshit." Moon followed the attendees throughout Saturday taking photos and asking people why they were marching. The editor shared her coverage with an array of humorous photos that showed the tone of that day.

  1. On our way to smash the patriarchy 👊🏻

London Student published a story on Sunday following up on the Women's March on London. The lede began with a quote from an attendee, "I hate crowds, but I hate Trump more." Their Twitter included photos of the March on London, with the hashtag, "love trumps hate."

The Tharunka published a story on the Women's March Sydney which ended with the feature editor describing the march as energizing and powerful. "Because it just so happens that nasty women everywhere - from Antartica to Washington - are ready," said the author. Their Twitter included only a couple of photos, but several quotes from the marchers that day.

  1. 'My mother taught me how to be one hell of a boss woman' -Jenny Munro

All-in-all, it seems that these universities took a lighthearted approach with a mix of humor and support of the cause. Though I didn't include The University Star here, I would like to note that our newspaper remained neutral on their official Twitter account as did the editors on their personal accounts who attended the march.

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