Sunday, January 22, 2017

Inaguration day - International newspapers

For my coverage of inauguration day, I choose to look at the front pages of three international newspapers to see if it was just as important to them as it was for us.

The first newspaper I found was from Mexico. I definitely wanted to see what they had to say about our new president, especially after all he has said about their country. The front page says "Trump is the judgement to the world." When I heard about this project, I wanted to see what Mexico had to say about everything. Most of us know about all of the terrible things Trump has said about Mexico, so it was an interesting aspect to see.

Another look into inauguration day that I found was from Argentina. The front page reads "The new master of the world." I found it very interesting that even in South America people find Trump's presidency to be important enough to be found on the front page. It was a different view from what Mexico had on its front page, however similar in a sense that they believe that Trump rules the world.

For the last international newspaper that I used I found from Germany. I really wanted to find one that was based from Russia to see what they had to say about it because of all of the controversy that has gone on in the past election. However, Germany still had Trump on its front page. It reads "From this day onwards: America First, America First." They had a quote that Trump had said from his inauguration speech. It was very different from what Mexico and Argentina had to put on its front page. Germany instead used a quote instead of simply putting that Trump runs the world.

I found this assignment to be interesting because I now have an idea of what everyone else in the world thinks about the new president. I learned a lot, and now have a better understanding of the worlds view of Trump.

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