Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inauguration assignment

        CNN gave complete coverage to the Trump inaugural event. The website covers everything from his full acceptance speech, reactions from the crowd and information about him signing an executive order on Obamacare. The news outlet does a compelling job in covering women marching on Washington to protest the event. They speak of women converging all over the world united against the Trump presidency. Read about it here
          Fox News online gives a more celebratory tone to the Trump inauguration. It is clear they are throwing their support behind him, while CNN is restraining themselves and trying to remain unbiased. The site is similar to CNN in showing executive orders being implemented, but there is overt patriotism on this site. The website depicts protests against Trump as violent, in sharp contrast to CNN. It’s as if they are betting the protestors will cause upheaval instead of being peaceful like the ones depicted on CNN with women marching in solidarity across the world. Read about that here
          The BBC website takes a much more cut and dry approach to depicting the inauguration. It is very bland and depicts the whole event as not a huge deal even though it makes the front page of the website. There is more focus on all the marches and protest against Trump’s inauguration but done so in a tame form, with just clickable links to the side of Trump’s image without pictures depicting any of the protests. They seem to remain the most neutral of all three outlets but I feel CNN does the coverage the most justice.

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