Saturday, January 21, 2017


I compared how three prominent media outlets, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic each used twitter to cover the Inauguration day in general.  The content of each outlets tweets was mostly similar, with all three live-tweeting the inauguration and placing an emphasis on covering the Inauguration speech itself.  The New York Times, had the largest quantity of tweets in relation to the inauguration speech as they steadily retweeted journalist’s impressions of President’s Trumps statements.  The Times also was the only outlet which tweeted a link to its live coverage of the inauguration, and seemed to place the greatest emphasis on constantly updating its followers.
              The Post and The Atlantic were not as focused on the constant updates and did not have anywhere near the same number of tweets as The Times.  Instead, both outlets focused more on analyzing the events of the Inauguration and comparing them to past inaugurations.  The Post tweeted a comparison of the attendance to Trump’s Inauguration and Obama’s, while The Atlantic examined what they deemed to be the worst inaugurations in U.S. history.  The Atlantic also featured opinions on how the inaugural speech could possibly be received around the globe and its possible meanings towards Muslims.
              The Post captured the scene in Washington, D.C. in greater depth than either of the other two media outlets, which makes sense due the cite of the Inauguration being the hometown of the paper and making the topic of more interest to its readers.  The events they covered the most were the protests happening around the city and focused on accurately depicting the pulse of the city.  It seemed that each media outlet had a different view on what was most important to its followers.  The Times emphasized rapid updates, The Atlantic had a global perspective, and The Post focused on local aspects.  

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