Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Inaguration Evaluation - Louis Zylka

Donald Trump's inauguration was being covered by all news channels and sites, and from the footage that I saw, there were some different approaches to covering the event as I bounced back and forth from the different live feeds. Focusing on Trump's speech, CNN was trying to point out the things that the reporters thought Donald Trump should've said or was expected to say. They were also talking about how he criticizes the many politicians that did not follow/agree with him and instead mention those who helped in his election. The reporters do believe his speech will not change the opinions of those who still don't see him as their president. Even though Trump being inaugurated was the major event, (from what I saw) it seemed like they took their time to keep talking about Obama and how the nation will miss him. NBC also gave highlights of Obama and Bieden leaving. There was a lot of tributes given to Obama's presidency, including silly things like the YouTube news channel Complex uploading a video on Friday about Obama's relationship with his barber. NBC on the other hand didn't seem to rely on much on all the back lashing and centered on any of the good aspects from his speech, such as his actions and decisions will, "benefit American workers and families."

Picture of protestors wearing gas masks from Yahoo story: Violence flares in Washington during Trump inauguration

But what had the most talk was all of the protesting, Both NBC and Yahoo!'s live coverage showed more perspectives from the public. NBC's reporters were interviewing trump followers, and showing the support for the new president. One of the followers was interviewed and said that he "liked (trump's speech) because it wasn't too political." And than there was of course the protests. When I tuned back to Yahoo!'s website, the live feed was focused on the riots and protests outside of the inauguration. Reporters indicated that it was a peaceful protest, even though citizens were being rude to the police. This includes officers being attacked with bottles and other objects. Protestors were being interviewed of their thoughts including such comments like "Trump is a sexist." Everyone was passionate about these rallies and protests, including famous actors like Mark Ruffalo who posted his involvement on his tumblr during Friday's events. As Friday's events were being broadcasted, social media accounts were on the roll and would either post their honest opinions about Trump, such as John Fugelsang's tweet, or make jokes about the event like Talia Jane's tweet that was posted during the day. 

Funny picture tweeted by Jalia Jane.

After my evaluation, I noticed the difference of the coverage over the inauguration was that news sites were either focused on Trump's speech and his beliefs or all the activity outside of the inauguration. YouTube sensation Philip Defranco uploaded a video days later about the controversy of the turnout in comparison to Obama's inauguration in 2009. Even though he gave highlights of the event, he talked more about number of people who at Washington D.C. But the major similarity reporters and other huge social media accounts had was their appreciation and tributes for Obama and Biden's hard work. Example is YouTuber AndrewMeadows who tweeted a picture paying homage to our previous president. Even though Trump is now president, everyone were truly heartbroken to see the Obamas leave.

Tweet from Andrew Meadows saying goodbye to the Obamas

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