Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump’s inaugural addresses

I decided to look at how some news outlets reacted to Trump’s inaugural addresses.

The New York Post pointed out that Trump’s speech was the shortest speech since Jimmy Carter. I thought it was interesting that they focused on this aspect. The article also quotes from his speech and mentions his tweets while adding commentary.

The BCC sounds scared of Trump’s speech. They compare it to the speech of Bane, the villain in the Dark Knight movie. They believe the speech pretty much sets the tone of his presidency; unlike anything Washington has seen before. They also mentioned his tweets, making sure to point out that former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke tweeted multiple times in favor of Trump's speech.

Fox News reacted to Trump’s speech by reacting to the backlash from it. Upset more from social media posting of anger and sadness, the article asks, more or less, “Why voice how upset you are through online outlets?” It’s an interesting take on the speech because it address and criticizes citizens rather than Trump. Unlike the other articles, it merely says that inauguration was a great peaceful transfer of power.

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