Monday, January 23, 2017

The Women's March Goes Hollywood

President Trump was in office for less than 24 hours before the world erupted in protest. The Women's March went worldwide with millions of women, and men, took to the streets to confront issues that had been presented throughout Trump's campaign. In addition to the millions of people showing up to march, hundreds of A-List celebrities turned out to stand by their fellow humans around the world.

Stephen ColbertAmy SchumerNick Offerman and Blake Lively (just to name a few), went to Twitter and Instagram to share their experiences as they stepped away from the spotlight to walk the streets for all genders and races. The Washington Post included a story covering celebrities demonstrating as opposed to performing at the March, which focused on the specific celebrities who marches, and the ways the spoke out. The Los Angeles Times also ran a story, reporting how celebrities anticipate using their status to make a change, especially in going into days and weeks after the biggest protest in American history. CNN shared video clips of celebrities giving empowering speeches to crowds of people, even shared video of Madonna saying "f*** you," to critics.

While the issues that came up during the campaign season may appear as a personal problem to some, as celebrities turned out and expressed their opinions, it creates a sense of unity, and makes the world seem smaller. It gives normal people a chance to relate to an elite group that often feel so far away. 

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