Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump vs. The Media

Courtesy of CNN website.
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by: Morgan Mitchell

San Marcos - Just three days after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, both the media and President Trump are at it again.

Shortly after the inauguration ceremony, CNN released an interactive photo (link in picture to the right) of the turnout for President Trump's inauguration compared to former president Barack Obama's inauguration turnout. The response from President Trump is one that was many expected.

President Trump's CIA Speech, Slamming the Media

During Trump's first speech as president, he thanked the CIA, told his supporters he was going to back them 100 percent, and then proceeded to slam the media for their depiction of his inauguration turnout. 
NBC commented on Trump's reaction to the interactive photo.
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The reactions to Trump's speech have ranged from support to opposition. Some are saying that the media will be no more since they messed with the president. Others believe that no matter what, the media will prevail. 

Others are making light of the situation. 

For those of you who might be Dr. Who fans, you must check out this tweet and video about an article by The Huffington Post

What the Media have to say...

Meanwhile, the media has decided to fight back with facts, as well as opinion, but are steering clear of "alternative facts".

                                                                                          Fox News's Howard Kurtz
                                                                                         Click on the picture to view the video

       Howard Kurtz takes a shot at the reasoning behind the
Trump - Media Wars

"Trump still has a twitter account, and he's not afraid to use it."

-Howard Kurtz

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