Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Protests at Donald Trump Inauguration

One big part of Donald Trump’s inauguration was the large protests that were occurring all around Washington and the rest of the country. There was damage to buildings and people being arrested. When I looked on twitter that day, everything seemed to either be about Trump’s speech or the protests that were going on at the same time.

The three news organizations that I chose were The New York Times, ABC News and NBC News. It was interesting to read three different articles that were basically about the same thing, and compare them to each other. The NBC News article was very focused on the events that happened during the inauguration. It was very informative and gave a good perspective on everything that happened during the day. I think that it was my favorite article out of all three. The New York Times article was more of a story-telling one. It talked not just about Washington, but different cities across America as well, and the different protests that were going on there. In the ABC News article they focused a lot on the violence that occurred not only at the inauguration, but in other parts of the country as well.

All of the articles talked mainly about the protests, of course. However, The New York Times and ABC News articles were very focused on all of the violence that occurred and went into detail about the acts of violence that went on. When reading them, it made the inauguration day seem almost tragic and scary. The NBC News article wasn’t like that at all. While it did focus on violence and some of the same parts of violence that occurred, like the destruction of buildings and the protestors dressed in black, it didn’t take a side that was as dark as the other two. For example, The New York Times and ABC News articles start their stories about the damage and how protestors threw rocks and the police officers had to use force and pepper spray. They go right into the chaos. The NBC News start by saying how the inauguration led to “turbulent demonstrations” and the police had to make arrests. It doesn’t say that the protestors did one thing and the police did another. Later on it goes into detail about the arrests and the damage done to buildings, but it’s not as “chaos driven” as the other two. 

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