Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pastry Plagarism

Despite the goodwill behind the proceeds for this 'Salute to Our Armed Services' ball, word has come full circle about President Trump's inauguration cake.

Thanks to a tweet-tip from Chef Goldman, who made Obama's second term inauguration cake, it appears Trump's baked goody was an exact copy of our former president's.

The Washington Post interviewed the baker responsible for this recreation, Tiffany MacIsaac, who said her bakery tried to encourage an independent creation for the ball, but the client requesting the cake said they required an exact replica.

The bakery helped diffuse the tension surrounding the cake by posting a shout-out to Chef Goldman on Instagram.

Emotions have been running high in regards to inauguration comparisons and predictions against our current Chief Executive, but it may be safe to say something as minor as copy-catting cake designs should be low on our list of things to worry about.

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