Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump's Inauguration

One of the main topics that I found to be interesting in when covering President Trump’s inauguration was the contrast that on what can be said about the attendance. Including the fallout that was caused by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Fox News being the more conservative news front discussed the issue of the how it was handled and not any actual numbers. Claimed that Spicer was just rattled by being in the first day and how he should have handled it. Labeled Spicer as competent at his position and that he needs that continue to push back on press.

CNN’s coverage of the event was primarily on the numbers and comparison of the past inauguration of Bush and Obama. Stating that Trump’s inauguration numbers were lower than Obama’s and why the numbers were that way. It provided good context.

The University Star didn’t have much deep coverage of the inauguration. Though the Star considered to focus on the student population’s opinion of the change in presidents and the performance by the Strutters at the inauguration.

In social media predominantly Twitter there was many different views towards the inauguration. Variety labeled it the “Most Live-Stream to Date”, but most displayed humorous backlash at Trump’s staff scrambling to correct themselves. Like this tweet from Ally Gans or this tweet from actor John Leguizamo.

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