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Becoming an Expert: 25 sources for San Marcos growth

1. The Meadow Center for Water and the Environment- Andrew Sansom
2. The Meadow Center for Water and the Environment- Mary Van Zant
  3. City of San Marcos- Assistant Director of Public Services Transportation Division- Sabas Avila
  4. City of San Marcos- Transportation Engineering Center- Ning Zou
  5. Greater San Marcos Partnership Project- Adriana Cruz
  6. Department of Housing and Residential Life- Dr. Rosanne Proite
  7. City of San Marcos, Planning and Development Services- Matthew Lewis, Development Services Director
  8. City of San Marcos- Jared Miller, City Manager
  9. Interim Director of Transportation Services- Nancy Nusbaum
  10. Local construction companies- Briggs Construction, Stokes Construction, K-W Construction
11.  Local real estate agencies- 3Z Reality, Century 21, Great Locations (apartment locator)
12.  John Gleason- contractor for the City of San Marcos
13.  Texas State Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center
14.  Members of city council
15.  United States Census Bureau- shows various San Marcos statistics beginning in 2007
17.  Jane Hughson- Chairwoman of the Vision San Marcos Citizen’s Advisory Committee.
18.  San Marcos Chief of Police- Chase Stapp
19.  University Police Department Director- Ralph Meyer
20.  City of San Marcos, City Manager for Communications- Trey Hatt
21.  San Marcos Fire Marshal- Kenneth Bell
22.  City of San Marcos Habitat Conservation Plan Manager- Melani Howard
23.  Residents of San Marcos
24.  Long-time business owners of San Marcos such as Grins

25.  Daniel Guerrero- Mayer of San Marcos

25 Sources

1. Adriana Cruz, Greater San Marcos Partnership President
2. Mark Soto, Varsity Football Head Coach
3. Mark Eads, SMCISD Superintendent
4. Dr. Susan Proite, Director of Housing and Residential Life at Texas State University
5. Susan Dudolski, Asst. Director of Housing and Residential Life at Texas State University
6. Texas State freshman living on campus
7. Non-student residents of San Marcos
8. John Foreman, Planning Manager for Planning/Development Dept. of San Marcos
9. Matthew Lewis, Director of Planning and Development Services
10. Robby Roden, owner of 3Z Realty
11. Local real estate agents
12. Denise Trauth, President of Texas State University
13. Daniel Guerrero, Mayor of San Marcos
14. City council members
15. U.S. Census Information
16. Texas boom time spurs population growth - LA Times/AP, looking at the "boom" behind the surge in Texas population, May 22, 2014
17. San Marcos prepares for pop. surge - Impact News, A look into what San Marcos is doing to gear up for the population spike, May 16, 2013
18. Growth blamed for San Marcos crime rise - KVUE, the new string of crimes that have arisen with the increase in population in San Marcos
19. Population Boom, tpr - Looking into why the population increase is occurring in Texas, Many 30, 2013
20. Demographics, a breakdown of pop. statistics in Texas
21. Texas v. Cali, economic comparisons between the two states, July 3, 2013
22. Growing Pains- KVUE increase in housing projects in San Marcos
23. Tubers in San Marcos - SA-Express, residents fed up with noisy tubers, June 8, 2014
24. Proposed midrise in San Marcos, January, 8 2014
25. More growining pains - KVUE, increase in construction around town, July 17, 2014

25 Sources

3)  Whataburger renovation San Marcos    https://star.txstate.edu/node/2115

4) Local residents Jason and Molly Elliott who live in a poor neighborhood on the east side of I-35 San Marcos off Hwy 80.

5) Jim Browder, owner of Browder Recycling, who owns property off Hwy 80 by the SM Airport 

6) Firefighter Bobby Dallenport of Station One, San Marcos, on challenges of public safety in a busy college town under construction and water restrictions.

7) Fire Captain Larry Fassauer of Station One, San Marcos, on challenges of public safety in a busy college town under construction and water restrictions, and on changes in last ten years of working in SM.

8) Small business manager Brooke H. at Which Wich - University Drive, on how business and revenue fluctuate during spring, fall and summer months with a mostly-student customer base.

9) David Short of the San Marcos Record for recommendations on other places to look beyond what I have here to track SM growth.

10) Coach Soto of San Marcos High on the recent turnaround in athletic program.

11) Melissa Millecamp as a long time SM resident and public servant of 29 years.

12) Rebecca Ramirez @ Convention Bureau of Tourism and Development for tourism and economic stats tracking commerce increases in SM.

13) Trey Hatt @ City Hall for local city government info and further suggestions on where to look for this project.

14) Local HEB Hopkins Dr on customer base and yearly revenue growth in San Marcos as the largest centrally located grocery store.

Becoming an Expert - STAR Park and Tech Growth - 25 Sources

1)      STAR Park aims to spark tech growth in San Marcos - This story talks about STAR Park during its early stage and when it was planning to expand, which has since been fulfilled. It talks about future opportunities, jobs and tech growth in San Marcos. Potential sources could be Thomas Zirkle, the Greater San Marcos Partnership, Rep. Lamar Smith and Aruna Dedigama (or another student). While I’ve already used Stepehen Frayser, he’s also still a good source to keep close for future tech and STAR Park growth. Aug. 15, 2013.
2)      Nominations Open for Second Annual Burdick Award – In this press release, the Greater Partnership of San Marcos talks about the upcoming Second Annual Greater San Marcos Innovation Summit on Nov. 5 and mentions STAR Park, growth and a company helping with this. Potential sources could be Dick Burdick or someone from Thermon Manufacturing Company (possibly its own story), Adriana Cruz, Ashley Nicole Hardy and other companies that will attend this event. Sept. 19, 2014.
3)      Advanced Manufacturing & Materials – This piece talks about advanced manufacturing in the San Marcos region, employment, projected growth and programs available through Texas State, UT Austin, and UTSA. Potential sources could be Hadco and Butlet Manufacturing. Source: Greater Partnership of San Marcos.
4)      Clean Technologies – This short piece mentions San Marcos/Hays County’s attempts to add clean industries, which is still very small, but slowly growing. It might work more for its own separate story. Potential sources could be someone from PrimeForm, the Hays County recycling program (Brooke Leftwich is the Hays County Government Natural Resources Manager) and the Go Green program (Jan Klein is the conservation coordinator). Source: Great Partnership of San Marcos.
5)      Aerospace & Aviation – This talks about the aerospace and aviation industry in San Marcos and how the airport and facilities involved are contributing to help the region become an economic engine. It might be its own story. Possible sources could be someone from the San Marcos Municipal Airport, Berry Aviation and Redbird Skyport. Source: Greater Partnership of San Marcos.
6)      Life Sciences – This talks about the growth of the life sciences industry in the region, medical care and projected growth. This is story that could have lots of angles, but perhaps for my sake, I’d focus on how technology and services have expanded and continue to grow in San Marcos/Hays County. There are quite a few possible sources in the piece, but the main ones might be someone from the Central Texas Medical Center, Seton Medical Center, Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital and the San Marcos Treatment Center. Source: Greater Partnership of San Marcos.
Other human sources for STAR Park, contacts, tech, etc.
7)      Dr. Dittmar Hahn, Chair of TXST Department of Biology – This and the rest of the departments mentioned are some that some tenants at STAR Park work with when doing research.
8)      Dr. William J. Brittain, Chair of TXST Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
9)      Dr. Hongchi Shi, Chair of TXST Department of Computer Science
10)  Dr. Andy Batey, Chair of TXST Department of Engineering Technology
11)  Dr. Stan McClellan, Director of TXST Ingram School of Engineering
12)  Dr. Thomas H. Myers, Director of TXST Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization Program and Interim Chair of TXST Department of Physics
13)  Dr. Nathaniel Dean, Chair of TXST Department of Mathematics
14)  Reddy Venumbaka, Managing Director of TXST Office of Commercialization & Industrial Relations – This would be a good source for learning more about how commercialization works at STAR Park and he’s also more knowledgeable about the technology available at the park.
15)  Small Business Development Center – This development center, which is based in Austin, is partnered with STAR Park in the assistance of getting small businesses started, which is what STAR Park is all about.
16)  City of San Marcos – The city is an obvious choice to contact to learn more about other tech growth in San Marcos and possibly STAR Park. My best bet would likely be the Engineering & Capital Improvements Department.
17)  ABB Corporate Research Center – This and the rest of the mentioned sources are companies in the Greater Austin area that are actively participating in industry collabortations with STAR Park and might be good for its own story or adding some extra information to expand on a previous one.
18)  Amethyst Research Inc.
19)  DxUpclose
20)  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
21)  Huntsman Chemical
22)  Infoscitex
23)  International Sematech
24)  JSJ LLC

25)  Texas Instruments

25 Sources

1) City of San Marcos- Trey Hatt, works for the City of San Marcos and he is a communications specialist City Manager, Communications

Chief Police Chase Stapp - San Marcos Police Department Chief of Police- Chief Stapp has been working for the San Marcos Police Department for more than 25 years. He started as a police officer and worked his way up through the department.

3)City of San Marcos Parks and Facilities Specialist- Abundo, Siriaco oversees local parks and facilites around the local community. He will be a great source for preserving city parks.

Director of Office of Disabiltiy Services Office of Disability Services at Texas State University (ODS)- Clint-Michael Reneau, M.Ed.
Director of Disability Services. Reneau specializes in the growth of students with needs on campus, making sure as director that the latest and most useful services and benefits are being provided by student with disabilities. He also deals with student veterans who seek help from the ODS office.
5)Planning & Development Services - san-marcos.tx.us -
[manage the growth and development of the community by carrying out adopted Council policies, and providing professional expertise in the area of city planning]

6) City Clerk (San Marcos) - sanmarcostx.gov
Jamie Lee Pettijohn - City Clerk  assist with City Council support, City Council meeting-citizen sign up, public records requests, passport acceptance, processing board and commission applications for appointment, elections administration, updating and maintaining city ordinances and codes; provide access to legislative meeting information, vital statistics. records management, election and financial disclosure related filings.

7) Hays County Commisioners Court - hays.tx.us -
[This website can give you information about court hearings, records, agendas, and anything documented that can be given to you..

8)MARK CHAMBERS, Fire Marshal - hays.tx.us -
[He deals with burn ban effects and fire prevention from deaths, fire accidents and any potential threat to the environment due to fire


Timely warnings at Texas State - txstate.edu -
[The latest university news dealing with crime and or any related assault.

10) Sexual Assault on College Campuses – CSPAN – Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) held the third of a series of roundtable discussions combatting rape and sexual assaults on college campuses. June 23, 2014
11) Growing Pains in America’s Fastest Growing City – San Marcos – StateImpact (NPR) – Story about San Marcos growth. Potential sources Jay Hiebert & Melissa Derrick, community activists. Aug. 12, 2013

Article College Rape Victims - aljazeera.com -
[This editor may have some sources and ideas on how to write a story on a sensitive subject like young college rape victims

Becoming an Expert: 25 Sources for articles on sexual assault

Becoming an Expert Assignment
By Nicole Barrios

1) Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center – Melissa Rodriguez, director of development and community partnerships at the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center. She works with victims, volunteers and community outreach. 

2) Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center – Executive director Marla Johnson. She has much knowledge on the subject of sexual assault and the history of services offered in San Marcos.

3) Texas State Counseling Center – Joanne Salas, senior psychologist and Ph.D. She works with students at the center.

4) To fight campus rape, attitudes must change (Austin American-Statesman) – This article gives some good background. Possible source U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

5) Few sexual assaults reach police (Austin American-Statesman) – Good stats, background info and shows sexual assault info at UT Austin. Possible source is the Justice Department for stats.
6) Texas State provides services to sexual assault victims (University Star) – Article about the Texas State counseling center and how the health center doesn’t have rape kits. Possible source is Emilio Carranco, Health Center director.
7) Sul Ross State University’s sexual assault prevention page – It’s interesting that Sul Ross (a university in the TSUS) has a whole page devoted to explaining what sex assault is, how to report and the Cleary Act, when Texas State has nothing like that on its website. Possible source is the administration at Sul Ross. Why do they care to include that on their site and Texas State doesn’t?
8) End rape on campus – The website of the organization End Rape on Campus, a survivor advocacy organization. Possible sources are the members/board of the organization: Kristin Brown, Annie Clark, etc.
9) White House continues pushing colleges to tackle rape culture (Huffington Post) – An article about campus climate surveys pushed by the White House to ensure Title 9 compliance. Possible sources are the National Association of Student Affairs Administrators and the American Council on Education who showed opposition to the surveys.
10) San Marcos PD directory – SMPD will be a major source when looking for rape stats and asking about how they handle it. Possible sources are Mary Rodemyer, police records specialist and Chief Chase Stapp.
11) University Police – Texas State UPD will be a good source after we’ve received some numbers of sexual assaults on campus. Chief Ralph Meyer or Captain Benitez can answer some questions about how they handle rape reports and such.
12) Krav Maga self-defense classes at Texas State – Through UPD, the university offers self-defense classes. They aim these at women is seems. Possible sources are the instructors, Christine Ames, Byron Brode, Otto Glenewinkel and others.
13) Texas Department of Public Safety’s victim services counselor – Possible sources are the statewide counselor, Melissa Atwood and the Region 6 (Hays) counselor, Christi Traver.
14) RAINN, Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network – Possible source for good stats about assaults and rapists, etc.
15) RAINN supports critical senate amendment to VAWA that will increase transparency and efficiency of rape kit testing – VAWA is the Violence Against Women Act. Possible sources, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).
16) ADRDVARC, An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection – A good list of the centers in Texas counties for research, info and support.
17) Rape crisis centers need more money, UT study says (Austin American-Statesman) – An article about what the lead states. Possible sources are Noël Busch-Armendariz , the study's lead investigator and an associate professor in the UT School of Social Work and the study's economist, Bruce Kellison.
18) Two Texas WRs face felony charge (ESPN) – Story about UT football players charged and arrested with felony sexual assault. A good background source on a recent incident at a neighboring university and how it was handled.
19) UT a model in combating sexual violence, experts say (Houston Chronicle) – Story about how UT is handling the sexual assault case of football players. Possible sources are Ada Meloy, general counsel for the American Council on Education, UT's Voices Against Violence program and Anne Hedgepeth, government relations manager for the American Association of University Women.
20) Universities turn to smartphone apps to help sexual assault survivors (Huffington Post) – Loyola University in Chicago created the “Here for You” iPhone app for victims of violence. Other schools are creating apps as well. Possible source is Stephanie Atella, health educator at the Loyola Wellness Center.
21) Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program (Attorney General) – Background info about the SANE program and training. It is a great source itself but another possible source is the Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services Program in Austin.
22) Students fight for rape kit access on TX college campus (USA Today) – The University of North Texas made a petition for rape kits to be available at their health center. Possible sources are the students who began the petition there: Melina Padron, Dexia Smith, Tiffany Contessa and Sabrina Ortiz.
23) Students call for changes in Trinity University’s handling of sexual assaults (Express News) – Story about victim of rape and rape kits on campus. Possible sources are the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Daniel Swinton, associate executive director of the Association of Title IX Administrators and Chris Kaiser, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault's staff attorney.
24) Gilda Garcia, Texas State University Title 9 coordinator.

25) Margarita Arellano, Dean of Students at Texas State. 

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Sexual Assault Sources - D. Harkness

  1.   Texas State Student Health Center: A link to the Texas State Health Center to explain the services the Health Center provides.
  2. Laura Greek, RN, FNP-BC: A nurse practitioner at the Texas State Health Center, phone number 512-245-2161.
  3. Men Against Violence: Texas State organization of peer educators that provide presentations about sexual assault to the San Marcos community.
  4. Sean Quiñones: Vice president of Men Against Violence, email: sean-quinones@txstate.edu.
  5. Xavier Releves: President of Men Against Violence, phone: 254-640-6111 and email: xavier.releves@txstate.edu
  6. Julie Eckert, M.ED, MCHES: Adviser of Men Against Violence, as well as assistant director at the Student Health Center, email: je12@txstate.edu
  7. Sexual Assault Awareness Month: A website that discusses upcoming events to promote Sexual Assault awareness, Sexual Assault on campus, etc. 
  8. USA Today story (Sept. 19, 2014): A story discussing the frequency of domestic violence and sexual assault within college campus.
  9. NY Mag: A story discussing Emma Sulkowicz's story, as well as her friends and those close to her during the incident.
  10. The Rape Epidemic is Fiction: A contrast to most stories, claiming rape epidemic is untrue. A good article to get a different perspective.
  11. Why Victims of Rape in College Don't Report to the Police: A Time article that includes four reasons victims do not report the crime. An interesting read, that is breaks down each reason in detail.
  12. Bureau of Justice Statistics: Indicators of School Crime and Safety report from 2013, discusses reports from previous for sexual assault crimes on school campuses.
  13. The Campus Sexual Assault Study (Dec. 2007): Although a little outdated, the study is an extensive look at sexual assault on campuses.
  14. CNN: Story about the new efforts Obama is setting to combat sexual assault (video included).
  15. White House website: Details on the "It's on Us" campaign, created by President Obama
  16. "It's on Us:" A promotional video for the "It's on Us" campaign.
  17. List of schools committing to the "It's on Us" campaign.
  18. Fact Sheet about the "It's on Us" campaign.
  19. The Louisiana Board of Regents' 500 page report: Discusses the state's public colleges and universities treatment of sexual violence.
  20. NPR: Audio series discussing sexual assault activists and their position on college campuses.
  21. White House Report:  "The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault" (April 2014).
  22. Video: A YouTube video created by University of Kansas students discussing sexual assault and how KU is under investigation for mishandling a sexual assault case.
  23. The University Star: A opinion column regarding Texas State sexual assault programs.
  24. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center: A 24-hour hotline and website containing information for victims, could be a good source to learn what a common call is like, or how they handle certain situations or victims (Hotline number: 216-619-6192 )
  25. Niche: A website that rates college campuses' health center, including Texas State University's.

Sources for Growth in San Marcos

1. Fastest Growing City - Dan Solomon reports on San Marcos being the fastest growing city in the country. May 24, 2013,

2. Greater San Marcos - The Greater San Marcos Partnership would be a good source to interview and get facts.

3. San Marcos Population - Chris Eudaily talks about why the population in San Marcos is "booming". May 30, 2014.

4. Growing Pains - Holly Heinrich discusses the problems of the sudden growth in the population. Aug. 12, 2013

5. Planning and Development - the city planning and development departments are definitely good sources.

6. Mayor Daniel Guerro would be a good source to ask about what has changed for him due to the population.

7. Local Residents who have lived in San Marcos for a long time and see how they feel about the growth.

8. Local Shop Owners to see how business has changed

9. Apartment and Housing managers to see how leasing has risen

10. Population Surge - Knowing how the city planned for this population growth will help understand the growth and the construction. Wes Ferguson May 16, 2013.

11. Police Station to see if crime rates have risen or stayed the same.

12. Dean Trauth to see how enrollment has risen tremendously

*I can't really think of anymore

25 Sources

1.      Upper San Marcos Water Protection Plan – A brief description of the Water Protection Plan for the San Marcos Watershed.
2.      Groundwater Management Plan by Edwards Aquifer Authority – A detailed plan by the authoritative body of the Edwards Aquifer of how they want to maintain the Edwards Aquifer. It has good data, and also contains some projections of what water usage will look like if growth continues as expected.
3.      U.S. Census 15 fastest-growing cities – the official press release by the U.S. Census Bureau that lists San Marcos as the fastest growing city with 50,000 + population. May 2014
4.      An article about construction pollution – An article on a conservationist site -- http://www.sustainablebuild.co.uk/ -- that a contact sent me. It explains the different ways that construction causes pollution. The site itself has a lot of information about sustainable building methods. Aug. 20, 2014
5.      San Marcos River Foundation – The SMRF is one of the leaders in terms of preservation efforts for the San Marcos River. There is a lot of good information on the site about local efforts to preserve the environmentally sensitive area.
6.      Great Edwards Aquifer Alliance – There are links to several documents pertaining to pollution in the Edwards Aquifer.
7.      Texas Commission on Environmental Quality -- The website for the state’s governing body on the environment. It’s a good site to find information for environmental topics in Texas.
8.      Reports on San Marcos River Watershed – An exhaustive list of links to documents pertaining to the San Marcos River Watershed.
9.      The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment – One of the leaders in the community for river conservation. There is contact list on the web site for those who work at the Meadows Center, and they are the best to contact first when beginning research on the issue.
10.  33 Impacts of Construction and the Built Environment – One of my sources sent me a PDF of this document, and I found this link for it. It’s good information to have when researching the environmental effects of building construction.
11.  History of San Marcos Springs – The history of San Marcos Springs, as told by an informative site on the Edwards Aquifer. It’s good background information for putting the importance of the San Marcos River -- in terms of economic impact – in context with why we should protect it.
12.  Upper San Marcos River WPP – A slideshow presentation about the San Marcos River Watershed Initiative’s plans for the next five to 10 years. Mary Van Zant’s contact information is on the last slide, and she is a good source to talk to about river conservation efforts.
13.  Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority – Another regulatory body that does work with San Marcos River conservation groups, such as the San Marcos River Watershed Initiative. It has listings of the current conditions of springs and rivers in the GBRA’s domain on the home page.
14.  Habit Conservation Plan Brings Changes to San Marcos River -- KVUE – An article and video by Austin’ ABC affiliate about the HCP and the changes that it has brought to the river. July 20, 2014
15.  San Marcos Will Soon Adopt Stage 4 Water Restrictions -- Fox 7 – A news report about the Stage 4 drought that has affected the San Marcos River. It gives a good explanations about the Stage 4 restrictions.
16.  Maps of San Marcos River Restoration and Mitigation – A series of maps by the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan that highlight the areas of restoration along the San Marcos River.
17.  City of San Marcos Water/Wastewater Utility – Another good website to find contacts on the subject.
18.  San Marcos River Wildlife Management Association – This is where I would start when trying to research the effects of growth on local wildlife.
19.  Current Construction Projects in San Marcos – This is where I found my numbers on road construction currently under way in San Marcos. There are links in the sidebar to individual web pages with more detailed information on road construction projects.
20.  John Gleason: he is a contractor for the City of San Marcos and the Nature Center of San Marcos who specializes in conservation efforts in the city’s designated protection areas. His contact info:
phone: (512) 775-2884
21.  Melani Howard: she works at the Nature Center in San Marcos and is has a large role in conservation efforts around the San Marcos Watershed.
22.  I have a slide show presentation that Gleason gave me that highlights the proposals that the Water Quality Protection Plan Consulting Team has made to the City of San Marcos and Texas State. It has three maps that explain the areas that the WQPP currently regulate, propose to regulate and a proposal for downtown areas that the WQPP wants to vertically develop. It’s good information, so ask me if you want to see it.
23.  Meredith Miller is a program coordinator at the Meadows Center, and she is the first person I spoke to when researching growth’s impact on San Marcos’ environment. Miller is a good source of information on water conservation subjects and can put you in contact with other people as well. The easy way to reach is through email. mbmiller@txstate.edu
24.  Dianne Wassenich is a program director at the San Marcos River Foundation. You can reach her by e-mail (wassenich@grandecom.net) or phone (512-353-4628). If you can’t reach her at that number, her cell number is given on the voice mail message.
25.  Mark L. Carter is a professor at Texas State. I haven’t been able to do a face-to-face interview with him, but he promptly responds to e-mails and has sent a lot of great information my way. My suggestion is to have specific questions for him so he knows exactly what information to find. His e-mail is mc12@txstate.edu