Monday, September 22, 2014

Sexual Assault Sources - D. Harkness

  1.   Texas State Student Health Center: A link to the Texas State Health Center to explain the services the Health Center provides.
  2. Laura Greek, RN, FNP-BC: A nurse practitioner at the Texas State Health Center, phone number 512-245-2161.
  3. Men Against Violence: Texas State organization of peer educators that provide presentations about sexual assault to the San Marcos community.
  4. Sean Quiñones: Vice president of Men Against Violence, email:
  5. Xavier Releves: President of Men Against Violence, phone: 254-640-6111 and email:
  6. Julie Eckert, M.ED, MCHES: Adviser of Men Against Violence, as well as assistant director at the Student Health Center, email:
  7. Sexual Assault Awareness Month: A website that discusses upcoming events to promote Sexual Assault awareness, Sexual Assault on campus, etc. 
  8. USA Today story (Sept. 19, 2014): A story discussing the frequency of domestic violence and sexual assault within college campus.
  9. NY Mag: A story discussing Emma Sulkowicz's story, as well as her friends and those close to her during the incident.
  10. The Rape Epidemic is Fiction: A contrast to most stories, claiming rape epidemic is untrue. A good article to get a different perspective.
  11. Why Victims of Rape in College Don't Report to the Police: A Time article that includes four reasons victims do not report the crime. An interesting read, that is breaks down each reason in detail.
  12. Bureau of Justice Statistics: Indicators of School Crime and Safety report from 2013, discusses reports from previous for sexual assault crimes on school campuses.
  13. The Campus Sexual Assault Study (Dec. 2007): Although a little outdated, the study is an extensive look at sexual assault on campuses.
  14. CNN: Story about the new efforts Obama is setting to combat sexual assault (video included).
  15. White House website: Details on the "It's on Us" campaign, created by President Obama
  16. "It's on Us:" A promotional video for the "It's on Us" campaign.
  17. List of schools committing to the "It's on Us" campaign.
  18. Fact Sheet about the "It's on Us" campaign.
  19. The Louisiana Board of Regents' 500 page report: Discusses the state's public colleges and universities treatment of sexual violence.
  20. NPR: Audio series discussing sexual assault activists and their position on college campuses.
  21. White House Report:  "The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault" (April 2014).
  22. Video: A YouTube video created by University of Kansas students discussing sexual assault and how KU is under investigation for mishandling a sexual assault case.
  23. The University Star: A opinion column regarding Texas State sexual assault programs.
  24. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center: A 24-hour hotline and website containing information for victims, could be a good source to learn what a common call is like, or how they handle certain situations or victims (Hotline number: 216-619-6192 )
  25. Niche: A website that rates college campuses' health center, including Texas State University's.

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