Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Becoming an Expert - STAR Park and Tech Growth - 25 Sources

1)      STAR Park aims to spark tech growth in San Marcos - This story talks about STAR Park during its early stage and when it was planning to expand, which has since been fulfilled. It talks about future opportunities, jobs and tech growth in San Marcos. Potential sources could be Thomas Zirkle, the Greater San Marcos Partnership, Rep. Lamar Smith and Aruna Dedigama (or another student). While I’ve already used Stepehen Frayser, he’s also still a good source to keep close for future tech and STAR Park growth. Aug. 15, 2013.
2)      Nominations Open for Second Annual Burdick Award – In this press release, the Greater Partnership of San Marcos talks about the upcoming Second Annual Greater San Marcos Innovation Summit on Nov. 5 and mentions STAR Park, growth and a company helping with this. Potential sources could be Dick Burdick or someone from Thermon Manufacturing Company (possibly its own story), Adriana Cruz, Ashley Nicole Hardy and other companies that will attend this event. Sept. 19, 2014.
3)      Advanced Manufacturing & Materials – This piece talks about advanced manufacturing in the San Marcos region, employment, projected growth and programs available through Texas State, UT Austin, and UTSA. Potential sources could be Hadco and Butlet Manufacturing. Source: Greater Partnership of San Marcos.
4)      Clean Technologies – This short piece mentions San Marcos/Hays County’s attempts to add clean industries, which is still very small, but slowly growing. It might work more for its own separate story. Potential sources could be someone from PrimeForm, the Hays County recycling program (Brooke Leftwich is the Hays County Government Natural Resources Manager) and the Go Green program (Jan Klein is the conservation coordinator). Source: Great Partnership of San Marcos.
5)      Aerospace & Aviation – This talks about the aerospace and aviation industry in San Marcos and how the airport and facilities involved are contributing to help the region become an economic engine. It might be its own story. Possible sources could be someone from the San Marcos Municipal Airport, Berry Aviation and Redbird Skyport. Source: Greater Partnership of San Marcos.
6)      Life Sciences – This talks about the growth of the life sciences industry in the region, medical care and projected growth. This is story that could have lots of angles, but perhaps for my sake, I’d focus on how technology and services have expanded and continue to grow in San Marcos/Hays County. There are quite a few possible sources in the piece, but the main ones might be someone from the Central Texas Medical Center, Seton Medical Center, Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital and the San Marcos Treatment Center. Source: Greater Partnership of San Marcos.
Other human sources for STAR Park, contacts, tech, etc.
7)      Dr. Dittmar Hahn, Chair of TXST Department of Biology – This and the rest of the departments mentioned are some that some tenants at STAR Park work with when doing research.
8)      Dr. William J. Brittain, Chair of TXST Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
9)      Dr. Hongchi Shi, Chair of TXST Department of Computer Science
10)  Dr. Andy Batey, Chair of TXST Department of Engineering Technology
11)  Dr. Stan McClellan, Director of TXST Ingram School of Engineering
12)  Dr. Thomas H. Myers, Director of TXST Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization Program and Interim Chair of TXST Department of Physics
13)  Dr. Nathaniel Dean, Chair of TXST Department of Mathematics
14)  Reddy Venumbaka, Managing Director of TXST Office of Commercialization & Industrial Relations – This would be a good source for learning more about how commercialization works at STAR Park and he’s also more knowledgeable about the technology available at the park.
15)  Small Business Development Center – This development center, which is based in Austin, is partnered with STAR Park in the assistance of getting small businesses started, which is what STAR Park is all about.
16)  City of San Marcos – The city is an obvious choice to contact to learn more about other tech growth in San Marcos and possibly STAR Park. My best bet would likely be the Engineering & Capital Improvements Department.
17)  ABB Corporate Research Center – This and the rest of the mentioned sources are companies in the Greater Austin area that are actively participating in industry collabortations with STAR Park and might be good for its own story or adding some extra information to expand on a previous one.
18)  Amethyst Research Inc.
19)  DxUpclose
20)  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
21)  Huntsman Chemical
22)  Infoscitex
23)  International Sematech
24)  JSJ LLC

25)  Texas Instruments

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