Tuesday, September 23, 2014

25 Sources

1) City of San Marcos- Trey Hatt, works for the City of San Marcos and he is a communications specialist City Manager, Communications

Chief Police Chase Stapp - San Marcos Police Department Chief of Police- Chief Stapp has been working for the San Marcos Police Department for more than 25 years. He started as a police officer and worked his way up through the department.

3)City of San Marcos Parks and Facilities Specialist- Abundo, Siriaco oversees local parks and facilites around the local community. He will be a great source for preserving city parks.

Director of Office of Disabiltiy Services Office of Disability Services at Texas State University (ODS)- Clint-Michael Reneau, M.Ed.
Director of Disability Services. Reneau specializes in the growth of students with needs on campus, making sure as director that the latest and most useful services and benefits are being provided by student with disabilities. He also deals with student veterans who seek help from the ODS office.
5)Planning & Development Services - san-marcos.tx.us -
[manage the growth and development of the community by carrying out adopted Council policies, and providing professional expertise in the area of city planning]

6) City Clerk (San Marcos) - sanmarcostx.gov
Jamie Lee Pettijohn - City Clerk  assist with City Council support, City Council meeting-citizen sign up, public records requests, passport acceptance, processing board and commission applications for appointment, elections administration, updating and maintaining city ordinances and codes; provide access to legislative meeting information, vital statistics. records management, election and financial disclosure related filings.

7) Hays County Commisioners Court - hays.tx.us -
[This website can give you information about court hearings, records, agendas, and anything documented that can be given to you..

8)MARK CHAMBERS, Fire Marshal - hays.tx.us -
[He deals with burn ban effects and fire prevention from deaths, fire accidents and any potential threat to the environment due to fire


Timely warnings at Texas State - txstate.edu -
[The latest university news dealing with crime and or any related assault.

10) Sexual Assault on College Campuses – CSPAN – Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) held the third of a series of roundtable discussions combatting rape and sexual assaults on college campuses. June 23, 2014
11) Growing Pains in America’s Fastest Growing City – San Marcos – StateImpact (NPR) – Story about San Marcos growth. Potential sources Jay Hiebert & Melissa Derrick, community activists. Aug. 12, 2013

Article College Rape Victims - aljazeera.com -
[This editor may have some sources and ideas on how to write a story on a sensitive subject like young college rape victims

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