Tuesday, September 23, 2014

25 Sources

1. Adriana Cruz, Greater San Marcos Partnership President
2. Mark Soto, Varsity Football Head Coach
3. Mark Eads, SMCISD Superintendent
4. Dr. Susan Proite, Director of Housing and Residential Life at Texas State University
5. Susan Dudolski, Asst. Director of Housing and Residential Life at Texas State University
6. Texas State freshman living on campus
7. Non-student residents of San Marcos
8. John Foreman, Planning Manager for Planning/Development Dept. of San Marcos
9. Matthew Lewis, Director of Planning and Development Services
10. Robby Roden, owner of 3Z Realty
11. Local real estate agents
12. Denise Trauth, President of Texas State University
13. Daniel Guerrero, Mayor of San Marcos
14. City council members
15. U.S. Census Information
16. Texas boom time spurs population growth - LA Times/AP, looking at the "boom" behind the surge in Texas population, May 22, 2014
17. San Marcos prepares for pop. surge - Impact News, A look into what San Marcos is doing to gear up for the population spike, May 16, 2013
18. Growth blamed for San Marcos crime rise - KVUE, the new string of crimes that have arisen with the increase in population in San Marcos
19. Population Boom, tpr - Looking into why the population increase is occurring in Texas, Many 30, 2013
20. Demographics, a breakdown of pop. statistics in Texas
21. Texas v. Cali, economic comparisons between the two states, July 3, 2013
22. Growing Pains- KVUE increase in housing projects in San Marcos
23. Tubers in San Marcos - SA-Express, residents fed up with noisy tubers, June 8, 2014
24. Proposed midrise in San Marcos, January, 8 2014
25. More growining pains - KVUE, increase in construction around town, July 17, 2014

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