Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Becoming an Expert: 25 sources for San Marcos growth

1. The Meadow Center for Water and the Environment- Andrew Sansom
2. The Meadow Center for Water and the Environment- Mary Van Zant
  3. City of San Marcos- Assistant Director of Public Services Transportation Division- Sabas Avila
  4. City of San Marcos- Transportation Engineering Center- Ning Zou
  5. Greater San Marcos Partnership Project- Adriana Cruz
  6. Department of Housing and Residential Life- Dr. Rosanne Proite
  7. City of San Marcos, Planning and Development Services- Matthew Lewis, Development Services Director
  8. City of San Marcos- Jared Miller, City Manager
  9. Interim Director of Transportation Services- Nancy Nusbaum
  10. Local construction companies- Briggs Construction, Stokes Construction, K-W Construction
11.  Local real estate agencies- 3Z Reality, Century 21, Great Locations (apartment locator)
12.  John Gleason- contractor for the City of San Marcos
13.  Texas State Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center
14.  Members of city council
15.  United States Census Bureau- shows various San Marcos statistics beginning in 2007
17.  Jane Hughson- Chairwoman of the Vision San Marcos Citizen’s Advisory Committee.
18.  San Marcos Chief of Police- Chase Stapp
19.  University Police Department Director- Ralph Meyer
20.  City of San Marcos, City Manager for Communications- Trey Hatt
21.  San Marcos Fire Marshal- Kenneth Bell
22.  City of San Marcos Habitat Conservation Plan Manager- Melani Howard
23.  Residents of San Marcos
24.  Long-time business owners of San Marcos such as Grins

25.  Daniel Guerrero- Mayer of San Marcos

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