Monday, September 22, 2014

Sources for Growth in San Marcos

1. Fastest Growing City - Dan Solomon reports on San Marcos being the fastest growing city in the country. May 24, 2013,

2. Greater San Marcos - The Greater San Marcos Partnership would be a good source to interview and get facts.

3. San Marcos Population - Chris Eudaily talks about why the population in San Marcos is "booming". May 30, 2014.

4. Growing Pains - Holly Heinrich discusses the problems of the sudden growth in the population. Aug. 12, 2013

5. Planning and Development - the city planning and development departments are definitely good sources.

6. Mayor Daniel Guerro would be a good source to ask about what has changed for him due to the population.

7. Local Residents who have lived in San Marcos for a long time and see how they feel about the growth.

8. Local Shop Owners to see how business has changed

9. Apartment and Housing managers to see how leasing has risen

10. Population Surge - Knowing how the city planned for this population growth will help understand the growth and the construction. Wes Ferguson May 16, 2013.

11. Police Station to see if crime rates have risen or stayed the same.

12. Dean Trauth to see how enrollment has risen tremendously

*I can't really think of anymore

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